• 721 SCUDERIA GEN4 PRO SUPERVELOCE SV WITH RTX BACKPLATE - Pre break-in service by Mario Rossi

New 721 Superveloce Pro Gen4

We are thrilled to announce the latest version of the 721 Superveloce (Superfast) 3.5cc off-road engine.

Reds Racing Gen4 Superveloce comes with a redesigned cooling head which boasts the following advantages: Lower gravity center for enhanced car handling, improved aerodynamics for reduced drag, and superior engine cooling. Furthermore, the new bicolor cooling head features a unique design. The new engine also comes with a new High protection Double seal front bearing for increased durability and idle stability.

721 Superveloce Pro Gen 4 Main Features:

  • Each Superveloce boasts an Extra Tuned Sleeve by Mario Rossi: This special modification to the sleeve by Mario Rossi significantly increases engine power and ensures good fuel mileage simultaneously.
  • 3-needle carburetor: The 3-needle carburetor allows superior and easier tuning in all conditions, ensuring more linear power delivery and greater overall power. All carburetors come with a special sealing ring to enhance sealing and tuning stability.
  • REDS 9 balls rear ceramic bearing for increased durability and reliability

The engine comes in two distinct backplate versions: AirBoost or Rotary RTX. Additionally, it is offered either as a standalone unit or as part of a combo package with the 2113 X-One pipe.

This engine is ideal for tracks where a more powerful engine provides a competitive advantage.The Superveloce features classic 3.5cc 7-port engine characteristics, a hallmark of REDS Racing. 

Suitable for both 1/8 buggy and truggy, the new engine, thanks to the Extra Tuning by Mario Rossi, delivers an extremely linear power delivery—making it both powerful and drivable. Our primary goal was to develop a high-speed engine capable of ensuring excellent fuel economy. Moreover, the combination with the new 2113 X-One pipe further enhances the engine's power without compromising drivability.


- Category: 1/8 Buggy and Truggy 

- Displacement [cm^3]: 3.5 

- Bore [mm]: 16.2 

- Stroke [mm] :16.9 

- Inlet ports: 7 

- Outlet ports: 1 

- Front bearing: 7x19x6 Double seal

- Rear bearing: 14x25.4x6 9 balls high durability Ceramic 

- Carburetor diameter [mm]: 7.0 (6.0, 6.5, 7.5, 8.0 optional) 

- Carburetor: VCX3-A Aluminum Short needle 

- Weight [g]: 345 

- Fuel consumption [min]: > 9:00 

- Engine temperature [°C] :110-130 

- Recommended Glow plug: REDS TS4 

- Recommended pipe: 2113 XONE Torque 

- Recommended fuel: 16-30% nitro (16EU), 8-10% oil Break-in fuel 12% oil

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721 SCUDERIA GEN4 PRO SUPERVELOCE SV WITH RTX BACKPLATE - Pre break-in service by Mario Rossi

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